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Body and Moving

Takamatsu Art Museum Collection + (Plus) Body and Moving

Takamatsu Art Museum Collection + (Plus) introduces a blend of pieces from the museum’s collection as well as work by guest artists. The theme this time is “body” and “moving”.

In the first room, we focus on “body and movement in the act of creation”. In collaboration with the Kazuo Shiraga Project, which showcases the collection housed by Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture at museums nationwide, we approach the charm of Kazuo Shiraga’s (1924-2008) work from an early period to his later years. His art has attracted international attention and high praise, with an original style of production, “action painting,” which involved painting with his feet. Then, through our collection of Gutai art, which includes Atsuko Tanaka’s (1932-2005) “Electric Dress,” we’ll introduce the practices and pursuits of young artists carried out under the teachings of Jiro Yoshihara (1905-1972), leader of the Gutai group in which Shiraga also participated, who instructed them to “create what has never existed before.”
 In the second room, we introduces paintings and video pieces with a focus on “the act of creation alongside travel and movement”. In addition to work housed by the museum, including Takashi Ishida’s (1972-) “REFLECTION,” painted in a gallery in a British port town in order to allow his own body to interact with the light coming in from the window hour by hour, as well as “DELAY,” a spiraling reconstruction of images and sound recorded on an actual drive, by ROGUES’ GALLERY (an artist unit formed by Yasuhiko Hamachi (1970-) and Yukihisa Nakase (1971-) in 1993), we also welcome work from guest artists Aki Kondo (1987-) and Koji Nakazono (1989-2015).
Kondo’s paintings are overflowing with “the joy of living,” and her work, which shows affection for life on Shodo Island where she once lived, sways the heart. Then, the works of Nakazono (whose life ended at sea in Takamatsu at a young age), created through images springing forth at high speed and the reaction of his body, will appeal to the viewer with freshness and youth.
In addition, we will also hold Namstrops’ (“sportsman” read backwards, residing in Miyazaki City) Takamatsu Scipmylo. We hope you enjoy this exhibition broadly and richly, through experiencing the different fields of physical education, art, and dance.

Atsuko Tanaka
《Electric Dress》1956(Reconstructed in 1986)
(c)Kanayama Akira and Tanaka Atsuko Association

Jiro Yoshida

Kazuo Shiraga
《Tenpusei Hakutencho(Wealth Star Striking Hawk》
Amagasaki city

Takashi Ishida

Aki Kondo
(c)Aki Kondo/courtesy of ShugoArts
Artist collection

Koji Nakazono
Private collection 
Photo by Kenji Takahashi / (c)Koji Nakazono/courtesy of Tomio Koyama Gallery


July 23(Thu.),2020- September 6 (Sun.),2020


Monday(the following weekday if Monday is a holiday)

9:30 - 17:00 (Entry until 16:30)
Friday - Saturday: 9:30 - 19:00 (Entry until 18:30)

Telephone Inquiry:
Takamatsu Art Museum
TEL +81-87-823-1711

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