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Collection Exhibition 1st term 2024


Gallery 1: Capturing the Intangible: Light, Time, Data and Motion

There are many intangible factors existing around us in our daily life, such as light, time, data, motion, etc. This exhibition intends to present expressions that deal with such immaterial factors as their motifs with 23 pieces by 14 artists, including the three post-war Japanese contemporary art pieces, newly acquired to our collection.

"REFLECTION" by Ishida Takashi captures the vicissitudes of the light from the window, using the gallery wall as a canvas. "U.A. Little Neck, New York" by Sugimoto Hiroshi attempts to "visualize time" by photographing a full-length movie in long exposure. "One Hundred Raindrops II" by Wakabayashi Isamu attempts to capture the image of rain falling on the accumulated layers of leaves and branches of plants using copper sheets and other materials. The resulting artwork evokes the passage of the time through the thickness of the sedimentation and its appearance. "Newspaper" by Mishima Kimiyo conjugates the fragility of ceramics and the anxiety of the information-oriented society represented by the newspaper, by making shapes of wrapped objects with newspaper printed in English. Shiraga Kazuo painted his action painting piece "Chiisei Hyakushoshokanto" with his feet, sliding them on the canvas spread out on the floor while holding on to the rope hanging from the ceiling. Furthermore, "Liquid" and "Flame on a Plate" by Ueda Kaoru and "cosmic dust gold" by Kito Kengo are among the new additions to our collection that will be introduced in the exhibition.

Through these works, which express in a variety of unique methods the four immaterial factors in our daily lives - light, time, data, and motion - we hope to offer the opportunity to experience the flexibility and profundity of the artists' contemplation confronting intangible themes.

Image:Ishida Takashi "REFLECTION" 2009, ⓒTakashi Ishida

Gallery 2: Natural Beauty Expressed by Sanuki Lacquer Art

Lacquerware that is rooted in our daily lives, such as tea utensils and tableware, has selected natural landscapes and the animals and plants that dwell within them, evoking the sense of the seasons as its favorite motif. These motifs are quite compatible with the three techniques of the Kagawa lacquerware, which is capable of painterly expression, and often appears in various works. This exhibition introduces the beauty of nature seen in Sanuki lacquerware through 32 works by 20 artists, including a new addition to our collection.

"Water Jar with Design of a View of Setnonaikai Sea, Kanshitsu, Kinma" by Isoi Joshin depicts the panoramic view of the Setonaikai Sea from Takamatsu. "Box with Spirea design, Kinma" by Okada Akito is a winner of the special mention at the 3rd Nitten Exhibition and faithfully describes each tiny flower of Spirea with the technique of kinma. "Small Chest of Drawers, ‘Grove of Trees’, Choshitsu" by Yamashita Yosai arranges the design of the grove on the sides, accentuated by the free forms created by the chositsu technique and the bluish green on the background. "Box, ‘Mountain where Clear Stream Flows’, Kinma" by Yamashita Yoshito is a new addition to our collection, depicting the Shimanto River flowing through summer mountains in vivid colors, with the surface and flow of the river expressed with the delicate technique of kinma. Another work from the same series titled "Box, ‘Mountain Brightly covered with Flesh Verdure’, Kinma", which takes its theme from the sprouting spring mountain, as well as one of Yamashita’s early representative works combining the techniques of maki-e and kinma titled "Box with Clear Sea Design" are among the other works by the artist included in this exhibition.

We hope to offer the chance to enjoy the depth of the expression of the Sanuki lacquerware through the beauties of nature expressed in a variety of methods, such as the delicate and realistic stippling technique of kinma and the bold designs of choshitsu.

Image:Yamashita Yoshito "Box,‛Mountain where Clear Stream Flows’,Kinma" 2014, photo by Akira Takahashi


April 6.(Sat),2024-July 7(Sun.),2024

Permanent Collection Gallery
Monday (the following weekday if Monday is a holiday)
Monday-Saturday & Holidays: 9:30-17:00 (Entry until 16:30)
*Until 19:00 during special exhibitions on Friday and Saturday.
*Last entry is 30 minutes prior to closing.
Organized by:
【General 】200yen(160yen)
【University students】150yen (120yen)
【High school age or younger/Seniors 65+】Admission free
※Advance Purchase and Groups of 20 or More Get Discounts (pricing in parenthesis)
※Free admission for those with a physical disability certificate, rehabilitation certificate, or mental disability certificate.
Telephone Inquiry
TEL +81-87-823-1711

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