PERMANENT PERMANENT Collection 3rd term 2017
Everyday Life
Night-Hidden World
Sep 28(Thu)-Dec 24(Sun),2017

Natsuyuki Nakanishi《Compact Object》 © Nobuko Nakanishi 1968

Masami Isoi《 Light of the Moon, Kinma Lidded Food Box》1973

Everyday Life

When doing routine things, do familiar sights and objects sometimes feel strange all of a sudden?

Since olden times, daily life has been depicted in genre and still life paintings. However, since the advent of modernity, the “everyday life” in art has transformed, producing works that cannot be completely categorized into such existing genres. This exhibition presents pieces that have arisen out of artists’ attentive examinations of the quotidian elements that make up their lives.

Genpei Akasegawa was one artist who did not overlook the incongruities lying in the everyday, creating works such as Japanese Zero Yen Note and Tomason Apocalypse. The latter captures things slightly off in urban landscapes. Also, despite its short life, “Hi-Red Center,” which Akasegawa formed with Natsuyuki Nakanishi and Jiro Takamatsu, shook up the everyday lives of people through its many performances in public places.

On the other hand, there are also artworks that take as their motif the commonplace in private spaces. Chiharu Shiota uses things people have worn as subject material. In Trauma/Alltag, she expresses time’s passage, life, and death using clothing.

While the artworks in this exhibition take as material common objects and scenes, by just changing our perspective slightly, they show us new worlds. From their own angle, artists have reconsidered and expressed the everyday. Visitors are invited to enjoy the familiar from these new sets of eyes.

Night-Hidden World

Lacquerware artworks have been used to express various scenes, and this exhibition focuses on those from the night. The deep black unique to lacquer, the celestial bodies that glitter therein, flowers faintly illuminated by the light of the moon… Artists express “the night” in diverse ways, each presenting a world that has peacefully returned to silence.

Masami Isoi has depicted nighttime scenery in many of his works, such as Light of the Moon, Kinma Lidded Food Box. Therein, the mother-of-pearl moon and stars shine in the lacquer night sky, below which rippling waves glisten in their light. Kodo Otomaru’s Cosmetic Box with Moon-Flower Design, Choshitsu, on the other hand, does not focus on a landscape itself. Rather, it uses the moon-flower as a motif, which opens at night. Otomaru's skillful use of lacquer engraving (choshitsu) techniques adds three-dimensionality to the flowers’ illumination in the moonlight.

Many artworks have also looked to the evening, when signs of the night begin to appear, as well as dawn. In Setouchi Shelves (Rantai Kinma), Hitoshi Ota reproduces a scene at dusk that can be seen from his workshop: Yashima Island rising against a sky dyed in gold by the setting sun.

This exhibition presents twenty-two works capturing the night, dusk, and dawn.


Sep 28(Thu)-Dec 24(Sun),2017
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