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Sanuki Udon Noodles

sanuki udon2

One of the Specialties of the Sanuki area is "Sanuki Udon". People in Takamatsu have been enjoying Sanuki Udon for a long time.  It is an old tradition dating back many years. All the necessary ingredients for making udon including: wheat, salt, soy sauce and dried sardines were cultivated here.
There are many varieties "Sanuki Udon."
Kake Udon
Hot broth over boiled udon noodles topped with green onions.
Zaru Udon
Boiled noodles washed with cold water and served with a soy sauce seasoning.
Bukkake Udon
Boiled Udon noodles served in a soy sauce seasoning topped with fried vegetables and seafood or grated white radish.
Kamaage Udon
Boiled noodles cooked in a pan with soy sauce seasoning.

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