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Tamamo Park (Ruins of Takamatsu Castle)

Tamamo Park

There is a song about Takamatsu Castle that goes, "You can see the Takamatsu Castle above the sea in Sanuki." The castle is also called Tamamo Castle because Kakinomoto Hitomaro used the word "Tamamo yoshi" as a pillow word of Sanuki in Manyoshu. Takamatsu Castle was built by Chikamasa Ikoma, the first feudal lord of Takamatsu.  Taking several years to build, the castle has outer, middle and inner moats. It is one of only three castles surrounded by water moats in Japan. At that time, Takamatsu Castle had a magnificent view of the surrounding area with a unique Western-style, three-story, five-layered, castle tower. However, it was removed as it became old. The Ushitora tower, Moon-watch tower as well as Mizutegomon gate still exists which reflects ancient times. A recreational area with old pine trees and other beautiful trees attracts many residents and tourists.

Hiunkaku with romantic Taisho atmosphere
Hiunkaku was built as a second house for Yorinaga Matsudaira, the 12th feudal lord of the Matsudaira family. Construction started in the second year of the Taisho period and took about three years to complete. There is a room called the "big study room" (142 tatami mats) and there are seven rooms named after the view each room has.  For example: the "cycadophyte room," the "pine tree room" and the "wave room".  Nowadays, tea ceremonies and concerts are held with a romantic Taisho atmosphere - a fusion of Japanese tradition and Western skills.

Beautiful cherry blossom of Sakura no baba (turf of cherry blossom)
"Sakura no baba" is located in the southern part of the castle tower ruins.
As its names shows, this was the place used to train horses in ancient times, but now has become one of the best places to see cherry blossoms with as many as 90 cherry trees blooming in spring.

  • [O] 7:00-17:00 (depends on season)
  • [C] 12/29-12/31
  • [A] 5 min walk from JR Takamatsu Stn.
  • [TEL] 087-851-1521
  • [Address] 2-1 Tamamo-cho Takamatsu City
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