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Shionoe Hot Spring Resort

Shionoe Hot Spring Village

Hot Spring and Healing Resort
Nestled among the nature of the Asan Mountains, the Shionoe hot spring has a long history dating some 1300 years ago. It is said that a famous priest named Gyoki who was walking around in Kagawa found this hot spring with his wisdom and knowledge. Then Kobodaishi Kukai is said to be trained there and spread about it.   
Designated as one of only two "people's recreation and hot spring resorts" by Environment Ministry in Shikoku, this hot spring is surrounded by beauty and recreation.  You can enjoy fire flies and camping in summer and Shippoku soba (buckwheat noodles) made from fresh buckwheat and local vegetables in winter. There is even a place where you can stop by to soak your feet for free in the Gyoki hot spring.

Camping Site
Due to its rich nature, Shionoe has many camping sites including Otakiokawa Prefectural Nature Park. Located 1059 meters high, among on Mt Ryuou, it has the only natural beech forest left in Kagawa Prefecture. There are refreshing trekking courses and walking paths where you can enjoy the light falling through the arches of trees and the abundance of nature.

Shippoku Soba(Buckwheat) Noodle
Shippokui Soba Noodles are famous in Shionoe. Buckwheat noodles harvested in Shionoe are topped with boiled white radishes, mushrooms and carrots and served in a steaming broth; an enjoyable dish to make you feel hot during the cold season.

Gyoki no yu

Gyoki no yu

A hot spring facility with calm atmosphere where tourists can drop by.
Foot bath and bamboo lamp pavement are newly arranged near there.

  • [O] 10:00-22:00
  • [C] 1st and 3rd Mondays
  • [A] Near Shionoe Bus Terminal
  • [TEL] 087-893-1126
  • [Address] 37-1 Kamihigashi Yasuhara Shionoe-cho Takamatsu City
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