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This temple is Temple 82 on the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage. It houses a Nationally designated Important Cultural Artifact, the Senju Kannon Ryu-zo, a Buddhist statue that is only displayed to the public once every 33 years. It was last put on public display in 2003. There are also two prefecturally designated Important Cultural Artifacts, Godai Myo-o, and Hakkou Keyaki. The grounds have several momiji trees which make a beautiful display of red fall leaves each November, and the grounds are lively with pilgrims taking photographs of the sight.

  • [O] 7:00-17:00/Open premises
  • [C] None
  • [A] 30 min drive from Nishi IC, Takamatsu Highway
  • [TEL] 087-881-3329
  • [Address] 1506 Nakayama-cho Takamatsu City
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