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Romantic islands with folktales
Off the shore of Takamatsu, there are two islands with famous stories. Megijima, also called "Demon's Island", is said to be the home of demons and the Japanese folktale "Momotaro". There is a cave where the demons lived and the island is the center for marine activities such as swimming, camping, fishing, cruising and sailing. There are more than 2000 cherry trees planted on the island and it is a popular place to enjoy cherry blossoms in spring.
Ogijima is famous for its role in the movie "Yorokobi mo kanashimi mo ikutoshitsuki (happiness and sadness for many years)"about a lighthouse keeper and his family who lived on the island. Recently, there is a campaign to make Ogijima famous for narcissus. Thousands of narcissus bulbs, which bloom from January to February, have been planted every year along the recreational trail.

Onigashima Oni no yakata
The Onigashima Oni no yakata has a shape of a demon's spreading arms. There are displays of unique demons in Japan and a broadcast of "Nanakiourai" which is the demon legend of Megijima.

Big Cave
The cave from Momotaro's legend is located in the middle of the island on the hillside of Washigamine. With an area of 4000 square meters and a length 450 meters, it is cool even in summer and demon laughter can be heard from the back of the cave.

Stone walling called "oote" which can extend as high as the roof of a house, are used as shelter from strong winds and high tides on the island. They give the island a nostalgic atmosphere which stimulates the creativity of photographers and painters.

Lighthouse Museum on Ogijima
This unique lighthouse museum has a display of panels explaining the locations of the main lighthouses around Japan and the Seto Inland Sea.  They also explain the role of the Japanese Coast Guard and the structures of Ogijima's lighthouse. There are a variety of displays and explanations about electric signboards, offshore scenery from a simulated light house, as well as the history, life and sightseeing around Ogijima. 

Ogijima narcissus garden
The narcissus garden in Ogijima is located around the recreational trail which was completed in October, 2003. Other sightseeing spots around Ogijima include: the cave named "Hole of Jii" where the vice-general of the demons escaped in the Momotaro legend; and unique stones called tanku stones (columnar jointing and felsenmeer) designated as a cultural asset and natural treasure of Takamatsu city.

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