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Aji-cho is located at the northern tip of Shikoku Island and is surrounded by the Seto Inland Sea on three sides. Mt Gokenzan (Five Swords Mountain) stands on the southern part of the town, and the stone from the foot of that mountain is called Aji Stone. It is famous domestically as well as internationally and because of its high quality and scarcity, it is valued as the most expensive granites in the world. Fishing is also popular here and ranks among the top in Kagawa Prefecture. "Ikiiki Sunday Market" is held every Sunday at Aji Port where you can buy cheap, fresh seafood.
Furthermore, a blockbuster movie, "Sekai no chushin de ai wo sakebu (Shout love at the center of the world)", was filmed in this town, and has become a popular spot for tourists and couples.

Aji as a sacred spot for pure love, Tourism and Exchange.
The Amahira photography store in which "Sekai no chushin de ai wo sakebu (Shout love at the center of the world)"was filmed, was restored to include a café where you can enjoy coffee ground with Aji stone as well as a display of filming photographs and autographs.

Shirobana Park
Shirobana Park is a seafront park sporting a grand view of Mt. Yashima. The sunset is especially beautiful and is popular with many couples and families.  There are stone sculptures of famous sculptors as well as a real fisher boat in the park. During the summer, it becomes the main site for "Fureai Festival Aji" with crowds of people for various events.

  • [TEL] Aji Bunkakan:087-871-1700
  • [O] 9:00-17:00
  • [C] Tuesdays, Beginning and end of year
  • [Address] 5824-4 Aji-cho Takamatsu City
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