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Sanuki Kokubunji Temple Remains Museum

Get a Sense of Ancient Kokubunji

Long ago, in the Tempyo era (730s AD) the Sanuki Kokubunji Temple was built. At the Sanuki Kokubunji Temple Remains Museum, visitors can get a sense for the grand spendor of the original Kokubunji temple. It is located directly beside present-day Kokubunji, the 80th temple in the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage.
This facility features a model of the main building, and a display of objects that have been unearthed from the grounds, as well as a stone model of Sanuki Kokubunji in one tenth of actual size, allowing visitors to get a sense of the Kokubunji of ancient times.

  • [O] 9:00-16:30
  • [C] Mondays
  • [A] 5 min walk from JR Kokubu Stn.
  • [TEL] 087-874-8840
  • [Address] 2177-1 Kokubu Kokubunji-cho Takamatsu City
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