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Nostalgic Home of Shikoku
Shikoku-mura is located at the foothills of Mt Yashima, surrounded by nature. Traditional farmhouses have been re-located and restored here from all over Shikoku in this open-air museum.
The folk houses from Edo to Taisho Period are displayed along with traditional folk tools in an area of about 50,000 square meters.
You can feel the village life from the old days as you walk through the miniature Shikoku.

  • [O] 8:30-17:00(-16:30 during Nov-Mar)
  • [C] None
  • [A] 7 min walk from Kotoden Yashima Stn.
  • [TEL] 087-843-3111
  • [Address] 91 Naka-cho Yashima Takamatsu City

Shin-yashima Aquarium

Shin-yashima Aquarium

It is a unique aquarium located 300 meters above sea level on the top of Mt. Yashima, supporting a panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea. You can see fish locally as well as around the world.  There are 500 kinds of fish, 8,000 in total. Don't miss the legendary mermaids (American manatees). Only 6 exist in Japan, two of which are here. The dolphin and sea lion shows are very popular, too!

  • [O] 9:00-17:00
  • [C] None
  • [A] 30 min drive from Central IC, Takamatsu Highway
  • [TEL] 087-841-2678
  • [Address] 1785-1 Higashi-cho Yashima Takamatsu City

Konan Agream

Konan Agream features an allotment garden, facilities for cooking and processing food, a fruit orchard, and a small farm where visitors can experience all aspects of agriculture through continuing and special events. Visitors can harvest bamboo shoots and potatoes, pick apples and persimmons, make wieners and udon noodles, and try making crafts out of bamboo and wood.

  • [O] 9:00-16:00
  • [C] Mondays
  • [TEL] 087-879-8741
  • [Address] 1270-13 oka Konan-cho Takamatsu City

Udon Making Facility

There are classes for making Sanuki Udon traditionally made in Sanuki climate.

  • [TEL] 087-867-7893
  • [Address] 933-1 Matsunami-cho Takamatsu City
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