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Takamatsu Stn.
About 2 min in the rent-a-cycle
Sunport Area(Sun Port/Board Walk/Promenade)
About 2 min in the rent-a-cycle
Takamatsu Symbol Tower
Takamatsu Symbol Tower

Takamatsu Symbol Tower is rising just north of JR Takamatsu Station.
Tall Tower Building and low Building are connected through corridors.

About 5 min in the rent-a-cycle
Kitahama alley
Kitahama alley

New amusement spot where used to be a warehouse town.
Now high sense shops such as cafe & bar, restaurant, general store, and interior shop are gathered.

About 10 min in the rent-a-cycle
Marugame-machi Ichibangai
About 5 min Walk
Takamatsu Central Shopping Mall
Yakuriji Temple

Takamatsu Central Shopping Mall boasts of the longest arcade in Japan.
On the long mall, large shops and shops for mania host shoppers.

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