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Sanuki Takamatsu Festival

Sanuki Takamatsu Festival 1 Sanuki Takamatsu Festival 2

The Sanuki Takamatsu Festival is one of the major summer events in Takamatsu, held for three days from August 12 to 14 every year.
Numerous beautiful and colorful fireworks illuminate the night skies of Takamatsu during the firework festival called "Dondon Takamatsu."
The dancing parade is held on the final day of the spectacular mid-summer festival, with more than 4000 dancers dancing enthusiastically along Main Street, enchanting crowds of people.

[Periods for holding]
12th - 14th August

Hyoge Festival

Hyoge Festival

Many people say the origin of this festival was to praise the achievement of Heiroku Yanobe who constructed a new pond to resolve the water shortage during the Edo period; to appreciate water and its good fortune; and to pray for a good harvest.  
Participants put on swords which are made of sliced pumpkins with an aroid stem. They parade in the town coloring their faces with bright red and blue paints.

[Periods for holding]
2nd Sunday, September

Takamatsu Winter Festival

Takamatsu Winter Festival

This festival is the signature winter event in Takamatsu.
During the festival, many joyful events such as children's performance and dance contests are held in Central Park, the event site.
The park is filled with beautiful illuminations and a fantastic atmosphere, enchanting everyone there.

[Periods for holding]
Mid Deoember to Christmas eve

Takamatsu Autumn Festival
/Bussyozan Daimyo Festival

Bussyozan Daimyo Festival

This festival replicates the scene of a Takamatsu feudal lord visiting his family temple, Honenji. This festival is held every year to spread the tradition of Bussyozan town which prospered as a temple town for many years and still has old streets and buildings.
People act as samurai or princesses wearing kimonos from that time and parade around the town.  Fireworks take place at Heike.

[Periods for holding]
Sat. and Sun. in late October

Stone Lantern Promenade

An old Genpei Battlefield Bathed in Mystical Light

Every year from early August to mid-September, approximately two hundred stone lanterns line the one kilometer pathway from Kotoden Yakuri Station to Komatate Iwa, bathing the night in a mystical light at this battlesite from the Genpei War.

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