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Sunport Takamatsu

Future urban space as the capital of Seto
Takamatsu was developed as a castle town surrounding Takamatsu castle which is one of the three biggest castles with water moats in Japan.
Sunport Takamatsu was developed as a new water front from a nostalgic harbor town, becoming a popular place to gather, chat and exchange.
Sunport Takamatsu is the gateway to Shikoku; the hub for land and maritime traffic. There is a symbol tower which has a variety of functions including culture, exchange, business; and the world's first glass-made lighthouse, playgrounds and a boardwalk where.  Sunport Takamatsu became a recreational place which attracts many people.

Red lighthouse(Seto marker)
The red lighthouse located at the end of a 540 meter pier has a nickname; the Seto Marker.  It is the world's first lighthouse made of glass bricks.  The entire lighthouse shines red when it gets dark.

Takamatsu Symbol Tower Takamatsu Symbol Tower Takamatsu Symbol Tower stands on the north side of Takamatsu Station. Being the center of sightseeing, business, and culture, it is crowded with people. It consists of a tower building where you can see a panoramic view of the downtown area; and a hall building with a variety of shops. 

Tower BuildinNight view of Takamatsu city from the observation lobbyg

There are Japanese, Western and Chinese restaurants run by prestigious chefs on the 29th and 30th floors. There is also an observatory lobby where you can see the scenery of the Seto Inland Sea and its night views far away.

Hall Building

Hall Building

There are unique restaurants and shops in the Maritime Plaza in the hall building. Being close to the sea, you can have a great time!

  • [O] Restaurants:11:00-22:00
          Shops:10:00-20:00(depends on shop)
          Observation lobby 10:00-20:00
  • [C] None
  • [A] 3 min walk from JR Takamatsu Stn.
          Use a shuttle bus for JR Takamatsu Stn.from Takamatsu Airport
  • [TEL] 087-811-2111
  • [Address] 2-1 Sunport Takamatsu City

Kitahama alley

Kitahama alley

New amusement spot where used to be a warehouse town.
Now high sense shops such as cafe & bar, restaurant, general store, and interior shop are gathered.

  • [A] 10 min walk from JR Takamatsu Stn.
          5 min by rent-a-cycle
  • [TEL] 087-834-4335
  • [Address] 4-14 Kitahama-cho Takamatsu City

Takamatsu Central Shopping Mall

Takamatsu Central Shopping Mall 1 Takamatsu Central Shopping Mall 2

Takamatsu Central Shopping Mall boasts of the longest arcade in Japan. On the long mall, large shops and shops for mania host shoppers.
The starting point of shopping is Ichiban-gai renewed in Fall 2006.
Trend shops and popular bland shops are lined up.
At the south corner of Ichiban-gai, the arcade is divided by three directions.
Each mall, Hyogo-machi and Katahara-machi in rightleft direction, Marugame-machi, Minamishin-machi, Tokiwa-gai, Ta-machi coming in the front direction, has individual characters.
Shopping time flies like arrows!

Sanuki Udon Noodles

sanuki udon2

One of the Specialties of the Sanuki area is "Sanuki Udon". People in Takamatsu have been enjoying Sanuki Udon for a long time.  It is an old tradition dating back many years. All the necessary ingredients for making udon including: wheat, salt, soy sauce and dried sardines were cultivated here.
There are many varieties "Sanuki Udon."
Kake Udon
Hot broth over boiled udon noodles topped with green onions.
Zaru Udon
Boiled noodles washed with cold water and served with a soy sauce seasoning.
Bukkake Udon
Boiled Udon noodles served in a soy sauce seasoning topped with fried vegetables and seafood or grated white radish.
Kamaage Udon
Boiled noodles cooked in a pan with soy sauce seasoning.

Sea food

Sea food

Takamatsu, facing the ocean, features a lot of fresh seafood.
A variety of cuisine is served, including sashimi, grilled, tempura, sushi, and nabe.
Enjoy original style seafood cuisines served from high class to reasonable restaurants.

Udon Making Facility

There are classes for making Sanuki Udon traditionally made in Sanuki climate.

  • [TEL] 087-867-7893
  • [Address] 933-1 Matsunami-cho Takamatsu City
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