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Greetings from the Mayor of Takamatsu City


Hello, I am Hideto Onishi, mayor of Takamatsu City.

Takamatsu City is located in the northeast part of Shikoku. To the north of the city lies the Seto Inland Sea, a national park of the ocean dotted with beautiful islands. To the south we can look out over the Sanuki mountain range. The city of Takamatsu is a vibrant blend of natural beauty and cosmopolitan functionality. With a population of 420,000 people, it is the capital city of Kagawa prefecture. Takamatsu is both the gateway to Shikoku and a city of scenic beauty. It has flourished along with the Seto Inland Sea since ancient times as a castle town on the sea. Even today, historical place names and ruins remain, which leave visitors with a sense of Takamatsu's deep role in Japan's history. Furthermore, Takamatsu is a great place to find fresh seafood and produce. In particular, the famous Sanuki udon is best sampled here, at its place of origin. This website uses lots of photographs to communicate the appeal of Takamatsu. I hope all the visitors to this site will take this as an opportunity to visit Takamatsu and experience it with all five senses. For residents of Takamatsu, there is a variety of information on childrearing, health, emergency preparedness, and other day-to-day concerns, so I hope it is of use to you in your daily life here in Takamatsu.

Hideto Onishi
Mayor of Takamatsu

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