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Registration for Foreign Residents

Takamatsu City Hall, Citizens' Policy Department, Citizens' Affairs Section
TEL (087)839-2282/FAX (087)839-2280

The Alien Registration System was abolished on July 9, 2012, and The Resident Registration System is now being applied to foreign residents who reside in Japan for the mid- to long-term , just as it is to Japanese residents. 【Address Change Procedures】 ①People who are issued a Resident Card on entering Japan must bring the card to the Citizen's Affairs Section of Takamatsu City Hall and go through moving-in procedures within 14 days of deciding on their new residence. ②People who are not issued a Resident Card on entering Japan and possess a passport stating "Resident Card will be issued later" must bring their passport to the Citizens' Affairs Section of Takamatsu City Hall and go through moving-in procedures within 14 days of deciding on their new residence. Foreign visitors staying in Japan on a "short-stay" or "three-month-stay" visa need not go through moving-in procedures because they are not covered under this system. Also, foreign residents did not need to submit the "moving-out notification" under the Alien Registration System, but they will now be required to submit it after July 9, 2012, just as Japanese residents are required to do. Be sure to submit the "moving-out notification" when you move out of Takamatsu City, including any permanent move overseas.

【Various Certification Procedures】 Foreign residents will now be able to obtain a copy of their Resident Record in the same way as Japanese residents. You can apply for it at the Citizens' Affairs Section of Takamatsu City Hall, a Citizens' Service Center, or your nearest branch or liaison office. When you apply for a copy of your Resident Record, you have to bring one of the following documents to identify yourself: your Resident Card, Special Permanent Resident Certificate, driver's license, or passport.

Enrolling in National Pension

Citizens' Affairs Section (1st Floor, Window 6 TEL (087)839-2322)
Each Branch Office and Field Office

Everyone over the age of twenty and under the age of sixty with an address in Japan is required to enroll in the National Pension Plan

People who need to enroll:

  • People who have just turned twenty, or whose address or name has changed. (However, people who are contributing to employee's pension, are mutual aid association members, or are dependent spouses of said people do not have to enroll)
  • People who have quit their job.
  • People who have ceased to be dependent on a person who is either contributing to employee's pension or belongs to a mutual aid association
* Applications for national pension should be made at the Citizens' Affairs Section, any branch office, or a liaison office, after you have confirmed in advance the necessary items for the procedure. For enquiries about employees' pension and mutual association pension, please contact the office at your workplace, the appropriate mutual aid association, the Takamatsu Nishi Pension Office (Tel. 822-2841), or the Takamatsu Higashi Pension Office (Tel. 861-3867).

Registering a Personal Seal (inkan toroku)

Citizens' Affairs Section (1st Floor, Window 5, TEL (087)839-2282),
Each Branch Office and Field Office

Anyone over age 15 (excluding wards of the court) with an address in Takamatsu can register a personal seal. There is a limit of one seal per person.

Who (Registrant) Things to Bring
People who register in person can receive the Proof of Registration immediately.
  1. Seal to be registered (no rubber stamps )
  2. Personal Seal Registration Application form
  3. Driver's license or other identification (with a photograph issued by government or municipal offices)
Applying by proxy. (Proof of Registration will be sent later) Bring 1 and 2 as above, as well as a letter indicating power of attorney. After the application is submitted, notification will be sent to the applicant by mail, so bring in the reply card that has been signed and stamped by the applicant. Either the applicant or a proxy can bring in the reply card. Please bring ID when coming to collect the Proof of Registration.
* When the personal seal is registered, a "Proof of Registration" card will be issued. If you need a Personal Seal Proof of Registration Certificate, bring this card and some personal identification to the Citizens' Affairs Section window.
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