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Rental Bicycles

City Redevelopment Section (9th Floor Tel.839-2445)

There are 7 Rent-a-Cycle Ports located around Takamatsu, where you can rent a bicycle. You can return a rented bicycle at a port other than the one where you rented it. You cannot make a rental reservation in advance. You may not rent bicycles if they are out of stock. You are allowed an unlimited number of one-time, 24-hour rentals for 100 yen per rental.

7:00 - 22:00

Category Regular Student
Fixed-term Rental 1 month 2000 yen
1800 yen
3 months 5500 yen
5000 yen
One-Time Rental 24 hours 200 yen
Over 24 hours 200 yen for each 24 hours
[Rent-a-cycle Ports]
  • JR Takamatsu Station Square Underground Rent-a-Cycle Port
  • Kotoden Kawaramachi Underground Rent-a-Cycle Port
  • City Hall Rent-a-Cycle Port
  • JR Ritsurin Eki-mae Rent-a-Cycle Port
  • Kotoden Ritsurin Koen Eki-mae Rent-a-Cycle Port
  • Kotoden Kataharamachi Eki-mae Rent-a-Cycle Port
  • Marugamemachi Rent-a-Cycle Port
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