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Prevention of Abandoned Bicycles

City Redevelopment Section (9th Floor Tel.839-2445)

Takamatsu City has regulated the Non- Parking Area of bicycles and motorcycles under 125cc.

Bicycles which are parked in a no parking zone for more than two hours will be confiscated. Bicycles which are left for a determined length of time in other public places will also be confiscated.

Please don't park your bicycle in front of stations or on the sidewalk. Use designated bicycle parking areas.

You must pay a fee in order to retrieve a confiscated bicycle.

Bicycles cost 1500 yen, and motor scooters cost 2500 yen.

Non-Parking Areas are designated around JR Takamatsu Station, along Chuo Street, around Kawara-machi Station, and so on. For further details, please visit the website of Takamatsu City or make inquiries at the Traffic Safety Office in the City Redevelopment Section.
 * Security Registration of your bicycle is required.

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