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Living Infomation
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Long Life Handbook

Senior Welfare Service Section (2nd Floor, Window 22, TEL (087)839-2346)
and at any branch or field office

Long life handbooks are provided to people over the age of 65.

In order to receive a handbook, applicants must provide something that proves his or her age.

Holders of the handbook can visit places like Tamamo Park, Ritsurin Park, the Takamatsu Museum of Art (regular exhibits only), the Takamatsu Historical Museum, and the Kikuchi Kan Memorial Museum for free.

Income Tax and Local Tax Exemption for Infirm Seniors

Senior Welfare Service Section (2nd Floor, Window 22, TEL (087)839-2346

Tax deductions may be applied to those who are 65 years of age and over that have suffered from dementia or have been bedridden for 6 months or more.

Long-term Care Insurance

Long-term Care Insurance Section (1st Floor, Windows 27 and 28, TEL (087)839-2326),
and at any branch or field office

The Long-term Care Insurance program was made so that society as a whole could support long-term care. People over the age of forty contribute to the fund and the program is run on insurance fees collected.

First Insured People

People over the age of 65 are "first insured people" and people with a pension income of over 180,000 yen per month will have insurance fees deducted from their pension. People with an income of less than 180,000 yen per month will have their insurance fees paid by the city.

Second Insured People

People between the ages of 40 and 64 who contribute to medical insurance are "second insured people" and insurance fees will be bundled together with medical insurance (health insurance, mutual aid association, and national health insurance) fees.

People who have been determined to be in need of support

In order to make use of long-term care insurance services, the Regional Comprehensive Support Center (inside the Takamatsu City Health Care Center, Sakura-machi 1-chome, TEL (087)839-2811) will make a plan for minimizing care needs. For more information, contact the Regional Comprehensive Support Center.

Main Long-term Care Insurance Services

  • Home Services
    "Visiting Care", "Day Service", "Short Stay Service", "Rental Welfare Implements", "Grant to purchase welfare implements", "Grant for house repairs" etc.
  • Community-based Services
    "Group Homes for people with Dementia", "Small-scale Multipurpose Home Care", "Nighttime Visit Care", "Day Service for those suffering from dementia".
  • Facility Services (People who have been designated as being in need of support are not eligible to make use of facility services)
    "Long-term elderly care facility (special elderly nursing home)," "Long-term care elderly insurance facility," and "Long-term care medical facility."

* for details, contact the long-term care insurance section.

General Consultations for Senior Citizens

Regional Comprehensive Support Center
(Sakura-machi, 1-chome, inside theTakamatsu City Health Care CenterTEL (087)839-2811)

Safety Support from the Regional Comprehensive Support Center consists of general consultations and protection for senior citizens.
For more information, contact the Regional Comprehensive Support Center's Safety Support Office or your local Sub-Center.

Facility Name Address Telephone Number
(area code 087)
Regional Comprehensive Support Center Safety Support Office Sakura-machi, 1-chome 10-27(Takamatsu Health Center 2nd Floor) 839-2811
Sub Center - Ichinomiya Ichinomiya 503-40 885-4481
Sub Center - Furutakamatsu Takamatsu-cho 2581-2 841-7791
Sub Center - Yamada Kawashima Honcho 191-13 848-6451
Sub Center- Katsuga Kozaiminami-machi 476-1 882-7401
Sub Center - Kagawa Kagawa-cho Asano 1256-1(Kagawa Health Center) 879-0991
Sub Center - Mure Mure-cho Mure 130-2(Mure Welfare Center for the Elderly) 845-5711
Sub Center - Kokubunji Kokubunji-cho Nii 1180-1(Kokubunji Health Care Center) 874-8961
Kounan Satellite Kounan-cho Yokoi 1028(Kounan Health Center) 879-7300
Shionoe Satellite Shionoe-cho Yasuhara Kamihigashi 99-1(Shionoe Health Center) 893-1510
Aji Satellite Aji-cho 978(Aji Health Center) 871-2534

Social Service Programs for the Disabled

Social Services for the Disabled Section (2nd Floor, Window 23, TEL (087)839-2333),
and at any branch or field office.

Main Services Available to the Disabled

(excluding Yamada Branch Office and field offices)
  • Home visits to bathe persons with physical disabilities
  • Provision of assistive devices
  • Provision of disposable diapers for children with disabilities
  • Financial aid for home renovations for people with disabilities
  • Special stipend for people with disabilties
  • Stipend for children with disabilities
  • Funding for children with disabilities
  • Funding for home visits for people with disabilities who live at home
  • Provision (purchase and repair) of adaptive equipment
  • Issue of subsidy tickets for a taxi
  • Services for social services for the disabled
* for details, contact the Social Services for the Disabled section.

Distribution of Various Certificates

(not available at Yamada Branch Office and field offices)
For information on how to receive a:
  • Physical disability certificate
  • Rehabilitation certificate
  • Mental disability certificate
and for how to apply to receive medical payment for services and supports for persons with disabilities, contact the Social Services for the Disabled Section.

Assistance with Medical Fees for People with Disabilities

Among the medical expenses covered by the National Health Insurance, the expenses paid by an individual, (excluding the standard share of convalescent living expenses) are subsidized. This only applies to those who have the Handbook for the Physically Disabled 1st grade - 4th grade, those who have the Handbook for Medical Care and Education, and those who fulfill all the conditions of the Handbook for the War Wounded.
*There are some exceptions according to income restrictions or age restrictions.

Social Assistance

Welfare and Public Assistance Section (2nd Floor, window 21 - TEL (087)839-2343)
and at any branch office (excluding Yamada branch)

Social assistance is a system for households which are unable to attain the minimum amount of money required for living through their own resources and abilities, and assists the family through financial support and promotion of independence.

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