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Latter-Stage Elderly Medical Care

Health Insurance and Elderly Medical Care Section
(1st Floor, Window 9 TEL (087)839-2315)
Each Branch Office and Field Office

The Latter-Stage Elderly Medical Care System is managed by the Kagawa Prefectural Regional Association for Latter -Stage Elderly Medical Care (2 Fukuoka-cho Tel. 811-1866), but various reception work, inquiries and insurance payment collection are handled by Takamatsu City. The Latter-Stage Medical Care System applies to the following people:

Latter-Stage Elderly Medical Care applies to the following people:

  • People aged 75 and older with an address in the city.
  • People aged 65 and older with an address in the city and a permanent disability.
* Insurance cards will be provided to and insurance payments levied on each individual insured person.
* enrollment procedures, applications for issuance (and re-issuance) of insurance cards, applications for funeral expenses, and make up payments for medical expenses, transport costs, high-cost medical expenses, and hospital meal expenses can be done at the Health Insurance and Elderly Medical Care Section.
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