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Enrolling and Withdrawing from National Health Insurance

Health Insurance and Elderly Medical Care Section
(1st Floor, Window 10 TEL (087)839-2311)
Each Branch Office and Field Office

People with an address in Takamatsu City who are not covered by their workplace health insurance or mutual aid association must enroll in National Health Insurance.
Registered foreign residents must enroll in national health insurance if they intend to stay in Japan for more than one year.

Item When to do it
When to enroll.
  1. When moving in from another town.
  2. When withdrawn from workplace-based health insurance.
  3. When a child is born.
  4. When welfare support is discontinued.
When to withdraw.
  1. When moving out of town.
  2. When enrolling in workplace-based health insurance.
  3. When someone in the household dies.
  4. When welfare support is begun.
When to register a change.
  1. When the address within town has changed.
  2. When members of a household change (split up or come together)
  3. When the head of household changes or there is a name change.
  4. When a household member moves out of town because of school.

‚óŹNational Health Insurance Procedures to be Completed Before Leaving Japan
When you leave Japan, you can complete your National Health Insurance Withdrawal procedures beforehand by bringing your air or ship ticket with a printed departure date and your reservation ticket to the National Health Insurance Information Desk. However, the reservation ticket must have the registered name of the person leaving the country.

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