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Garbage Separation & Disposal

Environmental Affairs Section
(Kita-cho, inside the Environmental Affairs Center - TEL (087)834-0389)
Oversized Garbage Center
(TEL (087)834-0366 - hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 - 16:00) 

Of the different kinds of garbage regularly collected in Takamatsu City, there is a fee for collecting burnable garbage and non-burnable garbage. Toxic waste, cans/bottles/plastic bottles, paper/cloth, and plastic packaging are collected for free. A special sticker must be purchased and affixed on special or oversized garbage in order to have it collected.

Takamatsu City designated garbage bags can be purchased in packages of ten. Extra small (10l) are 100 yen, small (20l) are 200 yen, medium (30l) are 300 yen, and large (40l) are 400 yen. They can be purchased at designated retailers.

For collection days for each type of garbage, consult your regional garbage collection calendar. Please only put designated garbage out on the designated day.

Type of garbage Fee Garbage bag / disposal method
Burnable Garbage Fee Takamatsu City designated garbage bags
Non-burnable garbage Fee Takamatsu City designated garbage bags
Toxic waste No fee Clear plastic bag
Cans/bottles/plastic bottles No fee White plastic bag, opaque plastic bag
Paper/cloth No fee Newspaper, magazines, cardboard, and milk cartons should be separated into types and tied with cord. Paper boxes, paper bags, paper wrappings should be tied with a cord and put into a paper bag. Cloth and clothing should be put into a white or opaque plastic bag.
Plastic containers No fee White plastic bag, opaque plastic bag
Special/oversized garbage Fee Purchase a sticker. (Apply at the Oversized Garbage Center)

Protecting the Environment, Beautifying the Environment

  • Environmental Conservation Promotion Section
    (Kita-cho Environmental Affairs Center - TEL (087)839-2393)

Procedures for Waterworks

○Moving (beginning use of water supply, stopping use of water supply, transfer of water supply user's name and payment procedure)
○Inquiries about water fees, sewage fees and their payments

Please contact the Customer Center
(Waterworks Bureau 2nd Floor, 1-10-14 Bancho Tel.839-2731)

※Water meter inspections and water bill payments are made every two months.
※Water bill payments via bank transfer are recommended.

Water Troubles

○When no water comes out from your tap , your tap water is cloudy, or your drain pipe is clogged
○When water is leaking on the road, or covers of manholes or fireplugs are broken

the Maintenance and Management Section
(Waterworks Bureau 2nd Floor, 1-10-14 Bancho Tel.839-2761)

○When the color or smell of your tap water is strange

the Water Quality Control Center of the Water Purification Section
(1331 Banchi, Higashi Yamasaki-cho Tel.847-4869)

○When you do not know where to inquire about problems on waterworks

the Customer Center
(Waterworks Bureau 2nd Floor, 1-10-14 Tel.839-2731)

When you want to consult about or apply for waterworks construction in your housing site

  • the Water Supply and Drainage System Section
    (Waterworks Bureua 3rd Floor, 1-10-14 Bancho Tel.839-2718)

Community Association

Community Planning Section (4th Floor - TEL (087)839-2277)

Community Associations are our most close-knit community organizations, consisting of residents of housing complexes or same-blocks units. They are private organizations, independent from government administration, and are playing important roles to support local communities. For the better living of inhabitants and the development of their communities, the associations are carrying out the following activities:

nformation service and publication, welfare, crime and disaster prevention, traffic safety, "environmental beautification, community promotion and exchange and other things to promote the benefits of the residents and to develop the community.

Local Community Councils

Community Planning Section(4th Floor - TEL (087)839-2277)

In order to autonomously solve problems and challenges related to the communities, Local Community Councils, which are an organizations consisting of local residents, local organizations, NPOs, corporations and so on, have been established with Community Associations as their center. There are 44 Local Community Councils in Takamatsu City. Each council has a variety of activities, including local friendship exchange projects, based on the community center in each school district with all the members respecting and cooperating with each other, and they aim to create more comfortable communities to live in.

Koho Takamatsu (in Japanese only)

Public Hearings and Public Relations Section (5th Floor - TEL (087)839-2161)

"Public Relations TAKAMATSU" is issued on the 1st and the 15th of every month. Information includes municipal administration, announcement from the city, and various topics in Takamatsu city. It is delivered to your home via each residents' association and is also available at City Hall, its branch offices, municipal public facilities, post offices, convenient stores (Mini Stop, Daily Yamazaki, Sunkus), and Kagawa University. You can also find one on the Takamatsu City website. A PR brochure in braille, and a vocal PR medium is also available and can be mailed to the visually impaired upon request.

Citizens' Consultation

The Citizens' Consultation Corner (1st Floor TEL - (087)839-2111)

At the Citizens' Consultation Corner on the first floor of City Hall, a variety of experts and city workers are available to listen the worries of the people. The service is free, and confidentiality is guaranteed.

Types of Consultation

Municipal government consultation, general consultation, human rights law consultation, public administration consultation, city tax consultation, family register consultation, afforestation consultation, legal consultation with a lawyer, legal consultation with a judicial scrivener, consultation with a certified social insurance labor consultant, consultation with an administrative scrivener, childrearing consultation, health consultation.

* For details on availability, necessity for a reservation, and other details, contact the citizens' consultation corner. The Koho Takamatsu newsletter published on the first of each month also has information about the consultation schedule.

Entering City-provided Housing

Housing Section (7th Floor - TEL (087)839-2541)

City-provided housing tenant recruitment is held four times per year, in March, June, September, and December.

Information about apartments and houses available are listed in the 15th of that month's issue of the Koho Takamatsu newsletter, and on the city's homepage as well.

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