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Health Care Centers

Health Measures Section (Sakura-machi 1-chome TEL (087)839-2860)
Infection Control Measures Office (Sakura-machi 1-chome TEL (087)839-2870)
Community medicine Measures Office(Sakura-machi 1-chome TEL (087)839-3805)
Lifestyle and Health Section (Sakura-machi 1-chome TEL (087)839-2865)

Takamatsu City Health Care Center is established by Takamatsu City. It is the special and technical center to deal with prevention of diseases, health enhancement, and environmental hygiene.

  • Medical consultations regarding medical institutions and health care providers
    Health Measures Section (Medical Safety Support Center)
  • Tuberculosis, prevention of communicable diseases, hepatitis virus tests, AIDS consultations and tests
    Infection Control Measures Office
  • On-duty doctors in holidays, rotating hospitals
    Community medicine Measures Office
  • Dog registration and rabies inoculations, financial support for spaying and neutering pet cats and dogs, water quality testing for drinking water
    Lifestyle and Health Section
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