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Disaster Prevention

Crisis Management Section (3rd Floor - TEL (087)839-2184)

In the event of a large disastrous event such as an earthquake or a typhoon, information about the emergency will be conveyed through the city's homepage and cable TV network, as well as to disaster prevention speakers which are installed in 119 places around the city, particularly at fire stations and parks.
Information about the emergency like where to evacuate to, what areas are recommended for evacuation, and traffic information will be sent via mobile phone e-mail to people who have registered for the service. (This is a Japanese language service)

When a disaster such as a typhoon or an earthquake happens, the Japan Meteorological Agency and the Takamatsu Regional Meteorological Agency send the information to the media (ie. television and radio), as well as to the Kagawa prefectural office, the Takamatsu police, and the Takamatsu Civil Engineering Office.
These places contact city hall and the Takamatsu Fire Department, which also keep in touch with the media. Then, city hall makes broadcasts over the disaster prevention speakers, sends out emails about the disaster, puts information on the city's homepage, enlists community help, and deploys public information vehicles.

Disaster Prevention Map

Crisis Management Section (3rd Floor - TEL (087)839-2184)
Construction Liaison Section (9th Floor - TEL (087)839-2488)

This map contains information such as the location of evacuation shelters, and indications of areas prone to flooding due to tsunami, high tide, heavy rain, and landslides. There is also a map showing areas that tend to shake easily during earthquakes.

The Disaster Prevention Map can be obtained at city hall and each branch and field office, as well as at community centers.

Evacuation Shelters

Crisis Management Section (3rd Floor - TEL (087)839-2184)

There are 203 evacuation shelters in the city, including elementary and junior high schools, and community centers.

For more information about your local evacuation shelter, ask at your local community center or city hall branch office.

Evacuation Shelters

Autonomous Disaster Prevention Groups

Fire Department, Prevention Section (Miyawaki-cho 1-chome - TEL (087)861-1504)

Autonomous disaster prevention groups are formed by community associations, and they undertake disaster prevention activities at the community level.

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