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Enrolling Your Child in Daycare.

Administration Section of the Center for Early Childhood Education and Care(6th Floor, Window 25 TEL (087)839-2358),
any branch office (except Yamada)

If all of the child's guardians including grandparents are unable to take care of the child for one of the following reasons, the child may be accepted into daycare:

  • Working during the day (Over four hours per day, four or more days per week).
  • Mother is pregnant, or has just had a baby (Up to four months after the birth).
  • Childcare is difficult due to illness or disability.
  • Guardian is taking care of a person living in the home who has a long-term illness or disability.
* There are 77 daycares (37 public, 40 private) in the city.
For more information on location, enrolment methods, daycare costs, nighttime childcare, and special childcare, contact the Childcare Division.
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