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Living Infomation
Night Emergency Clinic The places of refuge
Window of living
Registration for Foreign Residents | Enrolling in National Pension | Registering a Personal Seal (inkan toroku) |
Municipal Tax
Prefectural and Municipal Tax | Light Vehicle Tax |
National Health Insurance/Long-life Medical Care
Enrolling and Withdrawing from National Health Insurance | National Health Insurance Types of Benefits | Latter-Stage Elderly Medical Care | Insurance Fee Payments / Consultations about Payments |
Mother and Child Health Handbook | Papa Mama Class, Childrearing Class | "Hello Baby" Program | Enrolling Your Child in Daycare. | Care for Sick Children | Places of Assembly | Regional Childrearing Support Centers | Takamatsu Family Support Center | Various Benefits | Various Consultation Services |
Education and Culture
Entering Preschool | Entering and Transferring Elementary and Junior High Schools | Afterschool Care | Assistance Programs for Parents of Children in Preschool | Children/Students who need Special Assistance | Consultations Regarding Children | Human Rights Education | International Relations |
Health and Insurance
Health Centers | City-run Hospitals | Health Care Centers | Vaccinations | Holiday Hospital Rotation System | Nighttime Emergency Medical Clinic | Emergency Dental Clinic |
Social Services
Long Life Handbook | Income Tax and Local Tax Exemption for Infirm Seniors | Long-term Care Insurance | General Consultations for Senior Citizens | Social Service Programs for the Disabled | Social Assistance |
Prevention of Abandoned Bicycles | Rental Bicycles |
Living conditions
Garbage Separation & Disposal | Protecting the Environment, Beautifying the Environment | Procedures for Waterworks | Water Troubles | When you want to consult about or apply for waterworks construction in your housing site | Community Association | Local Community Councils | Koho Takamatsu (in Japanese only) | Citizens' Consultation | Entering City-provided Housing |
Culture, Education, and Sports Facilities
Culture and Education Facilities | Sports Facilities |
Disaster prevention
Disaster Prevention | Disaster Prevention Map | Evacuation Shelters | Autonomous Disaster Prevention Groups |
Branch office
Yamada branch office | Shionoe branch office | Mure branch office | Aji branch office | Kagawa branch office | Konan branch office | Kokubunji branch office |
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