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Registering a Personal Seal (inkan toroku)

Citizens' Affairs Section (1st Floor, Window 5, TEL (087)839-2282),
Each Branch Office and Field Office

Anyone over age 15 (excluding wards of the court) with an address in Takamatsu can register a personal seal. There is a limit of one seal per person.

Who (Registrant) Things to Bring
People who register in person can receive the Proof of Registration immediately.
  1. Seal to be registered (no rubber stamps )
  2. Personal Seal Registration Application form
  3. Driver's license or other identification (with a photograph issued by government or municipal offices)
Applying by proxy. (Proof of Registration will be sent later) Bring 1 and 2 as above, as well as a letter indicating power of attorney. After the application is submitted, notification will be sent to the applicant by mail, so bring in the reply card that has been signed and stamped by the applicant. Either the applicant or a proxy can bring in the reply card. Please bring ID when coming to collect the Proof of Registration.
* When the personal seal is registered, a "Proof of Registration" card will be issued. If you need a Personal Seal Proof of Registration Certificate, bring this card and some personal identification to the Citizens' Affairs Section window.
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