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Garbage Separation & Disposal

Environmental Affairs Section (Kita-cho, inside the Environmental Affairs Center - TEL (087)834-0389) Oversized Garbage Center (TEL (087)834-0366 - hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 - 16:00) 

Of the different kinds of garbage regularly collected in Takamatsu City, there is a fee for collecting burnable garbage and non-burnable garbage. Toxic waste, cans/bottles/plastic bottles, paper/cloth, and plastic packaging are collected for free. A special sticker must be purchased and affixed on special or oversized garbage in order to have it collected.

Takamatsu City designated garbage bags can be purchased in packages of ten. Extra small (10l) are 100 yen, small (20l) are 200 yen, medium (30l) are 300 yen, and large (40l) are 400 yen. They can be purchased at designated retailers.

For collection days for each type of garbage, consult your regional garbage collection calendar. Please only put designated garbage out on the designated day.

Type of garbage Fee Garbage bag / disposal method
Burnable Garbage Fee Takamatsu City designated garbage bags
Non-burnable garbage Fee Takamatsu City designated garbage bags
Toxic waste No fee Clear plastic bag
Cans/bottles/plastic bottles No fee White plastic bag, opaque plastic bag
Paper/cloth No fee Newspaper, magazines, cardboard, and milk cartons should be separated into types and tied with cord. Paper boxes, paper bags, paper wrappings should be tied with a cord and put into a paper bag. Cloth and clothing should be put into a white or opaque plastic bag.
Plastic containers No fee White plastic bag, opaque plastic bag
Special/oversized garbage Fee Purchase a sticker. (Apply at the Oversized Garbage Center)
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