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Health Centers

Takamatsu City Health Center (Sakura-machi, 1-chome, TEL (087)839-2363)

Takamatsu City Health Center is the center to deal with health services from babies to the elderly according to their stages, providing health services for family, adults and the elderly, mental consultations, consultations for serious diseases, nutrition improvement service and immunization.

For details on available programs, contact your local health center.

Facility Name Address Telephone Number (area code 087)
Takamatsu City Health Center Sakura-machi, 1-chome 9-12 839-2363
Shionoe Health Center Shionoe-cho, Yasuharakamihigashi 99-1 893-1510
Aji Health Center      Aji Hottopian Aji-cho 978 871-2534
Kagawa Health Center Kagawa-cho, Asano 1256-1 879-0371
Konan Health Center Konan-cho Yokoi 1028 879-7300
Kokubunji Health Center Kokubunji-cho, Nii 1180-1 874-8200
Mure Health Station (inside Mure Seniors Welfare Center) Mure-cho Mure 130-2 845-5249
Ichinomiya Health Station Ichinomiya-cho 503-40 885-5291
Furutakamatsu Health Station Takamatsu-cho 2581-2 841-7681
Yamada Health Station Kawashima Honcho 191-13 848-6581
Katsuga Health Station (inside Fureai Fukushi Center Katsuga) Kozaiminami-machi 476-1 882-7971
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