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Living Infomation
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Care for Sick Children

Section for Assistance in Raising Children(6th Floor, TEL (087839-2354)

Nurses and nursery staff at care facilities for sick or recovering children will take care of sick or recovering children on behalf of their parents in the case of unavoidable situations, such as jobs or ceremonial obligations.


  • Tobiume Pediatric Hospital Sick Child Care Room "Kodomo no Ie"
    (Fuseishi-cho 1352-7 TEL (087)865-3111)
  • Nishioka Hospital Sick Child Care Room "Rainbow Kids"
    (Terai-cho 1385-10 TEL (087)885-2863)
  • Kobayashi Internal Medicine and Pediatric Hospital Sick Child Care Room "Sukoyaka Room"
    (Yajimanishi-cho 2474-1 TEL (087)844-8156)
  • Heiwa Kodomo Clinic "Hato Poppo" Child Care for Sick Children
    (Ritsurin-cho, 1 cho me 4-11 Tel.835-2026)
  • Hara Kodomo Center Convalescent Childcare Room*Only for recovering children
    (Mure-cho Hara 570-1 TEL )087)845-0234)

Other Programs

Children's Center (jidokan), After School Children's Club - Children's Rearing Support and Welfare Section
   See the "Education" section for more information on after-school programs for children whose parents can not be at home with them after school because of work or other reasons.
Infant Medical Expenses Support - Children's Rearing Support and Welfare Section, or any branch office or field office
Use of Childbirthing Facilities, Placement in Mother and Child Support Facilities - Children's Rearing Support and Welfare Section, Children's Safety Desk (6th Floor TEL )087)839-2384)
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